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Pikmin Collab still open for animators

Posted by EASTBEAST - August 2nd, 2011

Things have been slow, but the Pikmin collab is still looking for animators. If you liked the game Pikmin and have some decent animation skill, refer to our forums if you are interested in joining. There is still alot of space left, the due date will be in early dec. If I don't feel like we can make the deadline it will be extended. Please refer to the collab rules, and being a regular contributor on the thread is required for updates and progress reports.


Pikmin Collab Forum

Pikmin Collab still open for animators

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I can't wait for this to come out hopefully I can help somehow.

Know any really good flash animators that would like to get involved?

Good luck friend.


too bad i can't animate

:( yeah

Still watching from a distance, friend.

Good luck!

Thanks man hope your projects are going well

seeing that pic makes me wanna make a clay animation of them

Especially that little white one. that would be pretty cool if you could pull that off

I MAY be able to brew something together, not sure when since I have Uni until late October. But if the deadline is December I should be able to get something done.

BTW: I love Pikmin! I actually am hoping Pikmin 3 adopts a "claymation" artstyle to the game play. That would be fucking A! :D.

Paper mario? Why not clay Pikmin? Ha I'd settle for a flash vid but an entire game would be great too. haha awesome I haven't had a huge amount of parts come in yet so it may likely be extended, giving you more time! If you do choose to make a part, I'm excited to recieve it! :D

I would've loved to join this.

Fuck me for never playing Pikmin!

There is still time left! lol If I were you I would go buy it right now, pull an all-nighter, and then feel the awesomness of that game, I'd accept your part. haha

Buying Pikmin on a whim and playing late into the night hours? Wierd, that's how I got into it. Of course, it took me more than one night to fix the Dolphin. I can't be the only one who can't see how Olimar can't leave without his chair seat.

I had pikmin stolen from me, but after some ebay hunting I got it back and beat it in one night from memory. I remember being younger and loving that game, I vowed to make some kind of animation out of it and here I am... :')

Yeah I always thought his butt was in pain too haha

Isn't there a Wii version?

Yes, Joey, there was a Wii release for both Pikmin 1 and 2 in all regions, and priced at just over half what a new Wii game costs, since it's simply a port of the original gamecube game, but using the Wii pointer to aim where you want to toss Pikmin. Even if the game's not entirely to your taste, at least you payed much less than the amount you'd pay for a new title. It's a very mellow game that's easy to get into.

Unfortunately for gamers in the US, we didn't get the Wii release for Pikmin 2 for some reason. And gamecube copies of Pikmin 2 are rare and expensive. The cheapest I've found a copy for is 40$. I've just been borrowing my friend's copy of that game.

Pm me your address liljoey, I will literally send you pikmin lol seriously