Keaton's Tale Uploaded

2012-12-12 12:55:14 by EASTBEAST

Hey I made a new flash inspired by probably one of my favorite games of all time, Majora's Mask. It is called "A Keaton's Tale." Or you can watch it here on youtube. There are only a few flashes done on it specifically, even parody wise. I am glad it is finished, special thanks to my voice actors and everyone that helped me out in the process, like Budj, Joeyand Teejay. Keep a look out for their upcoming stuff as well whenever it may be. :3

Can't say I am certain of what to do next. Honestly I'd like to start working on originals and team up with a writer out there to flesh out some concepts. If you know/are such a person, hit me up with a PM.
I'd like to do something deep, but maybe a little more straight forward. This latest flash, A Keaton's Tale is pretty interpretational, and I understand if a few people don't fully understand it on the first watch, but its just me experimenting with funky story/moral stuff. I hope people find a way to enjoy it besides possibly not knowing all the aspects of the zelda universe off-hand.

I'm always around to help people with their projects, or if there is something you need help with animation wise that I may be able to help you with, just ask. I've been on NG a few years now, and my work has improved, at least I think it was. Hopefully I can get that 25 dollars soon to support this place for the knowledge of flash it has bestowed on me.

P.S Sorry for my infrequent updates, if you are a fan. Check out my facebookYouTubeand DeviantArtaccounts which I fail to update as well : P

I kid, I'll start updating more


Also thanks to Seraphim for this awesome commission! (Below) He is open for art commissions if you'd like to contact him about one!

Keaton's Tale Uploaded


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2012-12-12 17:14:09

Watched it, loved it.

Was looking forward to this for such a long time... Another great bit of work from you man, just like Night of the Redead! Brilliant.

Lookin' forward to more of your work Dude, peace!

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks for your support man. I am looking forward to more projects as well : >