Keaton's Tale Wrap-up, and The SuperLab

2012-12-27 21:51:02 by EASTBEAST

Thanks everyone for the support on A Keaton's Tale! I got a lot of feedback animation and story wise to work with. If you haven't seen it, here is the link: Go watch it if you haven't!

I had a lot of people asking about a sequel to A Keaton's Tale....

Unfortunately I do not have plans to do a sequel for Keaton's Tale anytime soon. I am sorry if anyone is disappointed to hear, but I would like to do a few original animations first. Then maybe in the future, come back to a different MM based story. I was very satisfied with Keaton's Tale, working with a bunch of talented people, and showcasing some of my latest animation ability on NG.

A Keaton's Tale animation was actually the work of myself and a group of artists, voice actors, and animators called The SuperLab. We all help each other with animation, provide feeback for one and other, and have crazy skype chats. Gigi is another animation which was created by Budj with some help from folks in the SuperLab, and the sprite series Pokemon World of Chaos also aided by people in the Superlab.

Be sure to watch out and favorite the SuperLab for upcoming projects!

Some news about a certain collab by Joeylicious The Dinosawwr Collab has been resurrected from its fossil-like state and will hopefully be released not too long from now!

Also fan's of a particular series by Budj are also in for a treat, but I'm sure he will be making mention of it soon.

More is on its way!

You can follow the superlab's more recent updates on Facebook Here Also, I may be releasing one or two things on my new YouTube Here soon.



Keaton's Tale Wrap-up, and The SuperLab


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2012-12-28 00:15:45

Woot! All my 5 are belong to this!

EASTBEAST responds:

Rediscover your inner animator Glenn : <


2012-12-28 05:20:21

Due to the storm Sandy and my father's health, I missed a lot of these - thanks for the roundup of current events, and you and your colleagues ongoing success!

(Updated ) EASTBEAST responds:

Our well wishes go out to you and yours :>


2012-12-28 12:19:52

A sequel to Keaton's Tale isn't necessary. It was good, but it should be standalone. Can't wait to see new stuff from you.


2013-03-21 05:14:50

you perjurer dinosawrrs is dead lol

EASTBEAST responds:

I was planning on using a jedi mind trick on you back then :3