Retrology's Link and the Fireslug released and more

2013-07-20 18:38:49 by EASTBEAST

Hey guys, new animation: Retrology's Link and the Fireslug!

I had the recent pleasure of doing a commission for the group Retrology written by Suezo. It features an experimental mix of animation and live action elements, you can check out "Fire Slug" on the portal here! Since it is a combination of two mediums (but still mostly a cartoon,) we were curious what the Ng community might think of it. Although, it has just passed judgement (after about 2 days lol) it still doesn't have any reviews. fak. lol So let us know what you think. Depending on the reception, we can figure out what direction to go in, so feedback helps.

I did the animated skit as a commission, as well as the parts with the talking Gameboy (girl?) Koji. It is one of my first commissions and I finished it in roughly two weeks. It was my first commission, but if anyone is interested in getting their idea animated, be sure to shoot me a pm and we can work out the details. ;)

On another note, Muffyn-man Andrewand I are planning a pretty big project for this upcoming year, which will be an original. Hopefully I can show some of his sketches up here soon! Be sure to follow my deviant art for all kinds of scraps I post there: Linky

*Also on an authors note, they were indeed ass-folds of the fireslug, not to be confused with a shell of a snail. Pretty much for the purpose of creating a combustible flame... yeah..*


Retrology's Link and the Fireslug released and more


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2013-07-21 00:04:45

A solid collaborative effort. The real life video segued well into the gamegirl's imagination, though in that segment of totally animated piece, the female voice sounded a little canny and under volumed. The score and number of reviews will definitely pick up though, it's a fine piece indeed!

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks! I will be sure to relay your feedback about the audio to my fellow members, so we can fix it for next time :). Hopefully it does start to pick up