Entry #41

New Smash Bros. Wii U Animation!- plus news :o

2014-09-30 10:06:34 by EASTBEAST

You can see it on the portal here!  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/646662

Thanks to fans for waiting, it has been quite the busy year, and I am just steadying myself to have a more consistent release schedule. Hoping to have something out every month or so, in addition to collaborations, so stay tuned!

Lately, I have been finishing up my English/Writing major, and collaborating with a few people online, especially a game review channel The Game Direct, who have a really researched spin on gaming history! I've done a lot of intros and animated bits within their vids, the latest being a  Resident Evil Retrospective. Congrats to both of them for reaching 26,000 subscribers, and thanks for their support of my channel as well!

I'm hoping to get started on a few bigger original projects with the help of, Muffyn-Man in the coming year. Also possibly a series in the near future which will feature a good amount of collaboration with fans and animators, so like my Facebook for more consistent updates on that! I should be posting more details in the coming future!

Thanks and stay Crassy NG



 Also get acquainted with The Game Direct below for a new take on gaming retrospectives! 




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2015-11-22 02:58:41

Are you gonna ever continue the emo Goomba series?