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Legitimately moves me to my core how much heart went into this, fuck yeah. I cannot think of a better testament to the strength of an independent animator. Very much in keeping with Newgrounds tradition, you've aimed to constantly improve yourself (and make ass jokes along the way). Proud have been a part of this, even though the bit of animation I did is a relative drop in the ocean compared to the amazingly long way it is traveled since. lol The explosion after Thanatophobia is kicked gets me every time <3 Great work.

CaffeineClown responds:

You legitimately move me to my core something something lets sex.

Tank Award.

Of all the previous drafts, my fave was this final one. : ) Well done! And good teamwork everybody!!

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A lot of what I have said you already know, but I felt like writing a review anyway. Hypothetically, if I didn't know who you are and played this, I would be vastly impressed by the variants of game play introduced throughout. I don't think I have seen something like it on NG. Going from a vertical shooter to free range to horizontal shooter. On top of that, the 3d is well executed with the ships. A lot of new elements at work in here I personally haven't seen in a ng game before.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that the quality of it stands throughout. Sure, I got to test it and make some of the 2-d art, so my opinion can be taken with a grain of salt. But as far as your art and programming goes, it is a milestone for how far you have come as an artist.


teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks bro. It would have been better to release over the summer, because most of the SL is busy with school and all. So I kind of feel like like my project is a little unnoticed compared to some of our others anyway.

Cute game, fun to play. I enjoyed the way the overall atmosphere shifted while going from place to place. A few of the puzzles like having to wall jump during the gravity shift tripped me up haha. At times, the main character's movement sluggish while backtracking, but overall I like the gravity of it. I collected all the extras, but was a bit disappointed to see that they didn't count towards anything like medals or an extra scene. That would have been a nice touch and made the extra collecting worth it. Maybe that could be something for next time. : )



nice quiz

I had to guess on several of them but I still got a 10 out of 12

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Nice tune! I listen to it often and occasionally forget it is a Christmas tune. I like the ending too :)

Great remix of a classic! What a treat!!

Soundshifter responds:

thanks buddy!

Thanks! I was able to use this for a short animation I did here, giving you credit of course :P I think it fit quite well!



conorstrejcek responds:

Cool! I watched it, I love the Flaming Lips as well!

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Congrats, it looks like a great improvement!

Also welcome back to NG, glad you came back Laura!


ArtistGamerGal responds:

Thanks Esty!!!

Loving how you did the lighting effects it the top 2 frames! Seeing the characters with color makes them stand out more in my mind, dem purples n pinks haha Looking forward to to the full thing!

CaffeineClown responds:

Thanks man! I've been working alot with shadows and lighting lately and it amazed me how much better everything looks with them! Its gonna be a pain to animate but it'l be worth it. And yeah, gotta love dem purples and pinks! I'm sure those two colours are gonna account for a good third of my overall palette :P

Gigi is so kawaii right now

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