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Posted by EASTBEAST - August 10th, 2019

It really has been awhile. My last personal submission on here was sometime around 2014 or so? Damn lol Funny to see how the site has changed quite a bit. Definitely a tad more porn than I remember.

I've sort of been freelancing as a full time animator in the mean time, getting myself into the real world, moved to Boston. Once in awhile I have time for a little fun animation like the one I just released called Pokemon: Return to Gold.

You can find it here.


I wrote a bit about the motivation behind the animation here, as well as some of my feelings about the video game flash community between 2014ish till now: https://sta.sh/0bup4wnndmy

Also when I've had free time, I worked on a slightly ambitious animated series called "Goombario's Quest" which you can find here: Goombario's Quest Episode 1: The Fall of Goombario


Goombario's Quest Episode: 2 Dry Dry Purpose


There are a total of 2 episodes so far. The 3rd as kind of been delayed for a period of time as I get real world shit together, but I'm happy to say my friend Connor Attoe, also know has CaffeineClown has offered to help me out with it in exchange for commission which might be pretty cool and get the ball rolling again. It really just sort of happens when I get the time tbh lol. I had a Patreon going for it for awhile but since the uploads are a bit unpredictable I decided to put it on a soft hiatus, where I only post stuff on there for major updates.

I might get back into NG and upload the series here depending on how Return to Gold goes. But right now if you follow the links above, they'll be there

I uploaded my latest animation here since it definitely felt like it belonged on NG. I always came here for the story driven video game animations back in the day (And yes the parodies too occasionally) But I probably wouldn't be working as an animator now if it wasn't for this place. so yeah. Hope you enjoy.

Stay Crassy,



Posted by EASTBEAST - September 30th, 2014

You can see it on the portal here!  http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/646662

Thanks to fans for waiting, it has been quite the busy year, and I am just steadying myself to have a more consistent release schedule. Hoping to have something out every month or so, in addition to collaborations, so stay tuned!

Lately, I have been finishing up my English/Writing major, and collaborating with a few people online, especially a game review channel The Game Direct, who have a really researched spin on gaming history! I've done a lot of intros and animated bits within their vids, the latest being a  Resident Evil Retrospective. Congrats to both of them for reaching 26,000 subscribers, and thanks for their support of my channel as well!

I'm hoping to get started on a few bigger original projects with the help of, Muffyn-Man in the coming year. Also possibly a series in the near future which will feature a good amount of collaboration with fans and animators, so like my Facebook for more consistent updates on that! I should be posting more details in the coming future!

Thanks and stay Crassy NG



 Also get acquainted with The Game Direct below for a new take on gaming retrospectives! 



Posted by EASTBEAST - September 29th, 2013

First things first...

Sketch collab is out! Take a look here!

I was happy to be a part of this collab for the second year in the row now, which was organized by the TheMam you can check out my part in full color here on D.A: “Yoshimi meets Noodles the Sawgbot.”

Hopefully this collab gets more recognition than the last, since there have been fewer and fewer home grown NG collabs in the forums in the past couple of years. So support your NG collabs!

Secondly, a thanks to Piper-Ann for recording my Writing contest entry “Cheri.” I was very lucky to have her do an audio adaption of the piece as a reward for winning the top prize. She did a great job of mixing and even making custom sound effects. A big thank you for her hard work, and I hopefully will be working with her on a few upcoming animations soon. :)

It sucks to hear that the NG shop is closing, luckily I used my prize money recently to grab a few precious penicorns as birthday gifts for Glennand MuffynMan Andrew. I will probably grab a few stickers and a shirt if it doesn't close too soon... And I always wanted a mystery box, but they are still out of stock hmm...

All in all I am a creative writing major, so I've been a bit busy myself in terms of creating new projects, although I have a few originals planned out in my head that I have just begun to put on paper and get serious about. In the mean time you can look out for my friend's productions like Ricardo's Quest HD! (Trailer) Coming soon by Budj

Let my bot Noodles swaggle you up the street and out the way you came. Thanks for checking in though.

Stay Crassy,


Sketch Collab Released + Stuff

Posted by EASTBEAST - July 20th, 2013

Hey guys, new animation: Retrology's Link and the Fireslug!

I had the recent pleasure of doing a commission for the group Retrology written by Suezo. It features an experimental mix of animation and live action elements, you can check out "Fire Slug" on the portal here! Since it is a combination of two mediums (but still mostly a cartoon,) we were curious what the Ng community might think of it. Although, it has just passed judgement (after about 2 days lol) it still doesn't have any reviews. fak. lol So let us know what you think. Depending on the reception, we can figure out what direction to go in, so feedback helps.

I did the animated skit as a commission, as well as the parts with the talking Gameboy (girl?) Koji. It is one of my first commissions and I finished it in roughly two weeks. It was my first commission, but if anyone is interested in getting their idea animated, be sure to shoot me a pm and we can work out the details. ;)

On another note, Muffyn-man Andrewand I are planning a pretty big project for this upcoming year, which will be an original. Hopefully I can show some of his sketches up here soon! Be sure to follow my deviant art for all kinds of scraps I post there: Linky

*Also on an authors note, they were indeed ass-folds of the fireslug, not to be confused with a shell of a snail. Pretty much for the purpose of creating a combustible flame... yeah..*


Retrology's Link and the Fireslug released and more

Posted by EASTBEAST - May 30th, 2013

Hola from Esty,

Superlab released our latest project Goombario's Story a few days ago, be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it yet! : > It was fun to make with the help of our entire team of voice actors, including Anna Kingsley (anjidu) (Lady Bow, Goombaria,) and Budj, (Kooper, Goompapa Spike) who did the majority of voices. Written by Teejay and myself.

there are two slightly different endings for Goombario story! Both the ones on Deviant Art and Youtube are augmented in a subtle but enjoyable way! Check them out if you wish.

After this release, our group is aspiring to move forward with all drawn, non-sprited projects. Hopefully originals too lol. I have already started story boarding my next project and I get a feeling I am going to be working with The Twin's Compositionsagain on a primarily music based project! A recent idea that came to me while listening to a few old school rock albums, E.L.O's Time specifically. This album harbors huge inspiration for modern bands with its and nostalgic space epic themes. I found this album more or less by accident, but be sure to check out this relatively unsung beauty!

Anyway in closing, I had a sick birthday this past month, some interesting things in the mail including a bag of "Blood shampoo" lol wtf and the first 2 seasons of clone wars given to me by Joeykin! I have to say, I am tempted to buy the next couple of seasons, even though I pretty much know what happens in the end. But it is hooking as fuk lol Thanks bro. Also that blood shampoo has a very unique texture to it, thank you Budj. Also thanks Teejay for the Majora's Mask mouse pad, that was a delight.

For any Keaton's Tale fans, Seraphim87, or as we call him Muff, sent me the physical art that was used in the loading screen, which was a nice treat. I love how he does all his stuff by hand and then just uses photoshop to touch it up. Be sure to check out his deviant art, you wont be disappointed.

And last but not least, Anna's gift to me below, featuring myself and Goombarlette from War of the Shyguys <3 One of my favorite things, It hangs on my wall now as I type. Love these guys.

T'was a good birthday lol.


Also, be sure to look out for Teejay's upcoming Starwars game Tie Fighter Assault!

Goombario out and Birthday stuff in

Posted by EASTBEAST - December 27th, 2012

Thanks everyone for the support on A Keaton's Tale! I got a lot of feedback animation and story wise to work with. If you haven't seen it, here is the link: Go watch it if you haven't!

I had a lot of people asking about a sequel to A Keaton's Tale....

Unfortunately I do not have plans to do a sequel for Keaton's Tale anytime soon. I am sorry if anyone is disappointed to hear, but I would like to do a few original animations first. Then maybe in the future, come back to a different MM based story. I was very satisfied with Keaton's Tale, working with a bunch of talented people, and showcasing some of my latest animation ability on NG.

A Keaton's Tale animation was actually the work of myself and a group of artists, voice actors, and animators called The SuperLab. We all help each other with animation, provide feeback for one and other, and have crazy skype chats. Gigi is another animation which was created by Budj with some help from folks in the SuperLab, and the sprite series Pokemon World of Chaos also aided by people in the Superlab.

Be sure to watch out and favorite the SuperLab for upcoming projects!

Some news about a certain collab by Joeylicious The Dinosawwr Collab has been resurrected from its fossil-like state and will hopefully be released not too long from now!

Also fan's of a particular series by Budj are also in for a treat, but I'm sure he will be making mention of it soon.

More is on its way!

You can follow the superlab's more recent updates on Facebook Here Also, I may be releasing one or two things on my new YouTube Here soon.



Keaton's Tale Wrap-up, and The SuperLab

Posted by EASTBEAST - December 12th, 2012

Hey I made a new flash inspired by probably one of my favorite games of all time, Majora's Mask. It is called "A Keaton's Tale." Or you can watch it here on youtube. There are only a few flashes done on it specifically, even parody wise. I am glad it is finished, special thanks to my voice actors and everyone that helped me out in the process, like Budj, Joeyand Teejay. Keep a look out for their upcoming stuff as well whenever it may be. :3

Can't say I am certain of what to do next. Honestly I'd like to start working on originals and team up with a writer out there to flesh out some concepts. If you know/are such a person, hit me up with a PM.
I'd like to do something deep, but maybe a little more straight forward. This latest flash, A Keaton's Tale is pretty interpretational, and I understand if a few people don't fully understand it on the first watch, but its just me experimenting with funky story/moral stuff. I hope people find a way to enjoy it besides possibly not knowing all the aspects of the zelda universe off-hand.

I'm always around to help people with their projects, or if there is something you need help with animation wise that I may be able to help you with, just ask. I've been on NG a few years now, and my work has improved, at least I think it was. Hopefully I can get that 25 dollars soon to support this place for the knowledge of flash it has bestowed on me.

P.S Sorry for my infrequent updates, if you are a fan. Check out my facebookYouTubeand DeviantArtaccounts which I fail to update as well : P

I kid, I'll start updating more


Also thanks to Seraphim for this awesome commission! (Below) He is open for art commissions if you'd like to contact him about one!

Keaton's Tale Uploaded

Posted by EASTBEAST - May 23rd, 2012

I released a new flash today, first one of my own in about a year, you can watch it now! War of the Shyguys If you want to hear me talk about what influenced War of the Shyguys, you can check out my new-ish facebook page
here: Facebook Page for EastBeast instead I'm going to use my 15 seconds of attention here to plug a few artists who I think deserve more attention for their work: RLFHOG3 is a pretty sweet voice actor, I'm not sure there is really anything he can't do; The Twincomposers are 2 brother musicians who are genuinely good at what they do, have great passion for their work, and are fun to work with. If you are looking for a talented composer, look no further. If you want to own the music in my flash, then go to there website for a free download of the soundtrack!

Another person who helped me greatly in a bind was A1desertstorm who
provided sound effects, something I was really mediocre at. He's just starting out I think, so give him a look.

Whew lots of plugs..

Like I've said, any work I make from now one (directly, not coauthored) will be drawn animation, not sprited. Farewell to sprites, thanks for teaching me how to animate in the first place. I've vented all the nostolgia I pretty much need to at
this point. Besides I am trying to improve myself as an artist, and if I continued to
work with sprites I wouldn't grow.

Now, I have one project left that I owe to some voice actors to finish, then I am starting originals and not looking back.

Also be sure to look at the collabs I'm in when they hopefully come out this summer.

See you then, hope I managed to keep your attention. And thanks for watching my flash,
if you did.


You can also catch it here if you like, and subscribe to my Youtube account, but for best quality watch on NG ;) Tubes

Special thanks to Teejay number13 also for his constant help and 3d effects. be sure to look up his works if you haven't, like his series "World of Chaos." Also hopefully looking forward to working with my new pal Budge007, because he is cooking up something too

stay classy

Flight! Adventure! Goombas?

Posted by EASTBEAST - November 3rd, 2011

Hey guys, lots of projects are going on right now, mostly just been practicing my animation more, I got a tablet which I am using for Night of the Redead's sequel, hopefully done by this spring, featuring voice actors!

In other news, I'd like to get out here more as a voice actor myself, I've made a demo just for fun, but eventually I'd like to take some lessons on it, if you have any advice, let me know.

Nothing much, just laying low. I've been doing some writing for a few animators, so hopefully you will notice that when the time comes.


In Seach of a Distant Era is a reference to one of my favorite Miyazaki films, Porco Rosso, a song from the OST and great piece of art.

In search of a Distant Era

Posted by EASTBEAST - August 2nd, 2011

Things have been slow, but the Pikmin collab is still looking for animators. If you liked the game Pikmin and have some decent animation skill, refer to our forums if you are interested in joining. There is still alot of space left, the due date will be in early dec. If I don't feel like we can make the deadline it will be extended. Please refer to the collab rules, and being a regular contributor on the thread is required for updates and progress reports.


Pikmin Collab Forum

Pikmin Collab still open for animators